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Program for 2018

Jan 3       Alun Pugh              A Journey along the Leeds/Liverpool Canal                Slides

.                Howard Woods    Water Aid                                                                       Talk (Report)

Jan 17      Tony Burkitt          The English Lake District                                                Slides

Feb 7         Members Morning

Feb 21       Graham Read          Formula 1 – The Greatest Show on Earth                  Slides

Mar 7        Dorothy Burrows     Yorkshire A – Z                                                               Slides

Mar 21       Geoff Budd                Fares Please                                                                   Slides

Apr 4           Philip Davies MP      Westminster Update                                                  Talk

Apr 18           Mike Greatorex      Family History – my Trials & Tribulations               Talk

Apr 25 Wed   Trip to Winderemere  (see seperate post for full details)

May 2             Chris Freeman       What Have Volcanoes Ever Done for Us                 Slides

May 16             John Gilleghan      The Story of Captain James Cook                            Slides


Sep 19                                           ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING

Oct 3               Alan Hemsworth     Lost for Words                                                           Talk

Oct 17              John Webb               The Melody Lingers On                                   Talk (musical)

Nov 7               Martin Cocker         The Battle of Britain – Win Lose or Draw              Slides

Nov 21             Allan Stuttard          Seven Decades of Cricketing Memories                 Talk

Dec 5                                                 OPEN MEETING

Dec 19                                             CHRISTMAS PARTY

Program for 2017

Jan.4      Philip Davies MP              Westminster Update                            Talk
David Dennis                    Upper Wharfedale Fell Rescue          Talk

Jan.18    Dr. George Ingle                Yorkshire Dales Textile Mills             Slides

Feb.1       Dr. John Hargreaves        Yorkshire History Makers                   Talk

Feb.15     David Alred                        Transport & Steam                               Slides

Mar.1       Graham Hall                      The Golden Age of Postcards             Talk

Mar.15     John Preston                     Garden Bird Watch                              Slides

Apl.5         Members’ Morning           T.B.A
Philip Davies MP              Westminster Update                            Talk

Apl.19       Lawrence Dowson           How to Stuff an Elephant                 Slides

May 3        Trevor Moody                  Comedians of the Good Old Days    Slides

May 17       Mrs. Nora Mayes             Glass Glorious Glass                          Talk



Oct.4           David Calverley                A Week on’t Cut                                 Slides

Oct.18          Tony Morris                      Trackways to Motorways                Talk

Nov.1            David Dennis                    Upper Wharfedale Fell Rescue      Talk
Members’ Morning           T.B.A

Nov.15         John Billingsley                The Mixenden Treasure                  Talk

Dec.6           OPEN MEETING (Report)

Dec.20         XMAS PARTY

Program for 2016

Jan 6     Ray Snape          Performance Poetry  (Talk)

Jan 20  Pat Clarke           How well do you know Wharfedale? (Slides)

Feb 3     Bill Kerr              House Clearance & Antiques (Talk)

Feb 17    Roy Cressey       Yorkshire Shipping  (Slides)

Mar 2     Tony Burkitt      Rush for Wind  (Slides)

Mar 16   Member’s Morning          TBA

Apr 6      Philip Davies M.P.          Westminster Update (Talk)

Apr 20    Duncan Verity        U.S. Submarine Pennsylvania  (Slides)

May 4     Trevor Moody         North Yorkshire Heritage Coast (Slides)


May 18   Dr. John Rhodes     Mercy Ships  (Slides)


Sept 21                     ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING

Oct 5     Chris Freeman           Turgot Reis – Scourge of the Med. (Slides)

Oct 19   Bill Mitchell                Fun – Communicating via an Interpreter (Talk)

Nov 2    Chris Helme               Legends of the Brass Band World  (Slides) (Report)

Nov 16  Mike Hutchinson      By Microlight to Ireland  (Slides)

Dec 7                                       OPEN MEETING

Dec 21                                     CHRISMAS PARTY

Program for 2015

Jan 7   Philip Davies M.P.          Westminster Update (Talk)(Report)

Jan 21   Dennis Taylor                A Private Pilot’s Perspective (Slides)(Report)

Feb 4    Alan Wilson                   Life after joining a Gardening Club (Slides)(Report)

Feb 18  Dr John Hargreaves        Percy Shaw “The Catseye Man” (Talk)

Mar 4    Granville Dobson           “Old Flames (Talk)(Report)

Mar 18  Tony Morris                   Highwaymen (Talk)

Apr 1    Alan Hemsworth            The Riddle of Humpty Dumpty (Talk)(Report)

Apr 15   Keith Barber                  Nostalgia – 40’s 50’s & 60’s (Talk)

May 6   Members’ Morning         ?????

May20  Philip Solity                   The Amusing side of Road Traffic Law (Talk)



Sept 16                     Annual General Meeting

Oct 7    Peter Higginbotham      Doing Porridge (Slides)

Oct 21  Peter Palmer                 The Royal Flying Corps (Slides)

Nov 4    Geoff Budd                    The Trans-Pennine Canals (Slides)

Nov 18  John Wallis                   Variety – Wartime (Talk)

Dec 2                                     OPEN MEETING

Dec 16                                    XMAS PARTY

Program for 2014

Jan. 8    Philip Davies, M.P.    Westminster Update (Talk)(Report)

Jan. 15   Prof. Mike Dixon       By Rail to Bolton Abbey (Slides)(Report)

Feb. 5    Dr. Ian Rothwell         Medicine – Superstition to Science (Slides)(Report)

Feb.19   Peter Palmer                The Battle of Marston Moor (Slides)(Report)  

Mar. 5   Donald F. Metcalfe      John Harrison Clocks. (Talk)(Report)        

Mar.19  Peter Richmond           Dixon of Dock Green to the rise of the Plastic Bobby. (Talk)(Report)   

Apr. 2   Paul Gosling           Mariner’s Tale (Part 2) (Talk)(Report)        

Apr.16   Eric Scaife                    Yorkshire Dialect & Humour (Talk)(Report)       

May 7    Members Morning                          T.B.A.

May 21   Cllr. Dale Smith          My Year as Lord Mayor (Talk)

                                                    ## SUMMER BREAK ##

Sep.17                                     ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING

Oct.1     Trevor Moody           History of the Sunderland Flying Boat (Slides)    

Oct.15   John Webb                Musical Theatre (Talk)(Report)

Nov.5     John Billingsley          Things we do for Luck (Slides)(Report)    

Nov.19   Chris. Freeman         History by Design (Slides)(Report)    

Dec.3                                          OPEN MEETING
Multi-award winning vocalist Julieanna (Report)

Dec.17                                         XMAS PARTY(Report)

Program for 2013

Jan 2   Philip Davies,MP.     Westminster Update   (Talk) (Report)

Jan 16  Paul Gosling          Mariner’s Tales      (Talk) (Report)

Feb 6   Chris Helme           All in a Day’s Work  (Talk) (Report)

Feb 20  Members’ Morning – Tom Elkington – Vancouver (Slides)(Report)

Mar 6   Chris Freeman         Jungle Look – Costa Rica/ New York (Slides) (Report)

Mar 20  Alun Pugh             Saltaire         (Slides) (Report)

Apr 3   Roy Cummins           Manhunt   (Talk)  changed see Post

Apr 17  Geoff Twentyman       The Golden Age of Radio Comedy (Slides) (Report)

May 1   Barry Wilkinson       North Sea Gas – Well to Use  (Slides) (Report)

May 15  John Webb             The Magnificent Mr. Handel   (Talk) (Report)

##     SUMMER BREAK   ##

 Sep 18                        ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING

Oct 2   T.B.A.                 Tax, Care & Toy Boys    (Talk) (Report)

Oct 16  Roy Stevenson          A History of Brass Bands    (Talk) (Report)

Nov 6   Allan Stuttard         Did I See Marilyn    (Talk) (Report)

Nov 20  Martin Cocker          Deeds to Earn the VC    (Slides) (Report)
Dec 4                          OPEN MEETING

Dec 18                         XMAS PARTY

Program for 2012

Jan 4    Philip Davies, MP  – Westminster Update  (Talk) (Report)

Jan 18   Roy Vickers – Roy & Jean Vickers Film Show (Film) (Report)

Feb 1    Frank Wright – The Village Butcher   (Talk) (Report)

Feb 15  Members : Ken Milnes – Life as a Boy Chorister (Slides)
.                                   Mike Ripley – Aero Models part 2      (Talk) (Report)

Mar 7   Howard Toll  – Owls & other Birds of Prey (Slides) (Report)

Mar 21  Martin Walker – Building a Garden for Chelsea (Slides)(Report)

Apl  4   Chris Freeman – Jungle Look – Costa Rica/New York (Slides) — Cancelled (Report)

Apl 18  Graham Peacock – The Channel Tunnel (Talk) (Report)

Apl 20, Friday – Members and wives/partners coach trip to the House of Commons. (Report)

May 2   Peter Rix – Barnes Wallis – The Dambusters, etc.     (Slides) (Report)

May 16  David Alred – “Wharfedale Snakes, Amphibians & Reptiles” (Slides) (Report)

.                                     ##  SUMMER BREAK  ##

Sep 19                        ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING.

Oct 3   Elizabeth Bailey Smith  – Newby Hall  (Illustrated Talk) (Report)

Oct 17  Bryan Stott – Sixty Years of Yorkshire Cricket (Talk) (Report)

Nov 7   David Hunt  – Knaresborough Castle  (Slides) (Report)

Nov 21  Geoff Queen – “We Apologise for the Delay” (Slides) (Report)

Dec 5                              OPEN MEETING.
Held in the main hall. Entertainment provided by the Fairfax Singers (Report)

Dec 19                              XMAS PARTY. (Report)

Program for 2011

Wed 21st Dec 2011 — Christmas Party (Report)