Open Meeting 6th December 2017

At the Open Meeting an invitation is extended to wives and partners of members and former members. The members worked in the kitchen providing coffee and mince-pies for our guests. The highlight of the morning was the performance by local group “Hurricane Blue”, with renditions of Chuck Berry, Billy Fury and Christmas songs. A morning much appreciated by members and guests alike.

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Protected: Minutes of 46 AGM — 20 September 2017

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Minutes of Committee Meeting 5th April 2017

Committee Meeting

held on 5th April 2017

in Room 17 at Kirklands Community Centre

Attending:- Mike Hughes, Ken Chadwick, Monty Navias, Steve Couling, Bryan Kitching, Tim Allen, Nicolas Hanbidge, Mike Ripley

Replacement of Speaker Secretary

Ken Chadwick has already done 2 extra years, over and above his normal 3 year tenure, as Speaker Secretary and wishes to relinquish the job at the end of this year.

Mike Hughes has appealed to the membership of the Forum on several occasions with regard to someone filling this important role, but no-one has come forward.

So with the possibility of the Forum folding at the end of the year, Mike Hughes in desperation asked the committee for ideas. Monty Navias and Tim Allen agreed to share the role of Speaker Secretary whilst retaining there existing roles of Treasurer and Registrar respectively. Their new role will begin at the start of next year.

Meeting Closed

Corrections 7/4/2017 – Ken Chadwick has done two full terms of 3 years and the new Speaker Secretaries’ term/s will start from the AGM. This is to enable them to have a programme in place by the start of the New Year.

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Legends of the Brass Band World

Today our talk was entitled “Legends of the Brass Band World” by Chris Helme. Chris currently hosts a program dedicated to Brass band music on PhoenixFM community radio.He has been involved with the brass-band world for more than fifty years, and his talk today draws upon that experience to present a fascinating insight into some of the foremost figures in both their own banding area and the national scene. With slides and narrative about the bandsmen and women themselves, as well as their families, friends and banding colleagues, he celebrates their triumph and sadness, local life and band life, community success and even national recognition. The presentation brought back many happy memories for the members attending. A detailed record of life in the mill towns as it once was, and a triumphant celebration of a community that lives on into the twenty-first century.

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Program for 2017

Program for 2017

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Committee Meeting at Kirklands on Wednesday 2nd November 2016

Committee Meeting at Kirklands on Wednesday 2nd November 2016

Apologese:- Brian Kitching, Derek Cagill, Monty Navias

Allocation of Tasks for the Open Meeting held on Wednesday December 7th 2016

Tom Powell assigned to meet and greet.

Tom Powell to take the place of the late Bill Evans on the Committee.

Organisation of the raffle by Brian Kitching assisted by Derek Cagill

Christmas-themed table runners bought and placed by Mike Ripley

Steve Couling to buy 100 “quality” mince pies.

Steve Couling to buy about 10 raffle prizes

5 addition people to be recruited on the day to assist Nicolas Hanbridge in the Kitchen on the day.

Coffee and mince pies served at the beginning of the event, Not at half-time.

Refreshments organised for the singer only at half-time.

Raffle drawn at the half-time interval.

Chairman to point out emergency exits in the main hall before the start of the performance.

For Christmas party on 21st December, Mike Hughes to buy cheese and organise the making/ buying of the Christmas cake. (made by Steve Barnes last year).

Notify Roy (caretaker) that piano will be required in Room 17

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Protected: Minutes of 45 AGM — 21 September 2016

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