Committee Meeting at Kirklands on Wednesday 2nd November 2016

Committee Meeting at Kirklands on Wednesday 2nd November 2016

Apologese:- Brian Kitching, Derek Cagill, Monty Navias

Allocation of Tasks for the Open Meeting held on Wednesday December 7th 2016

Tom Powell assigned to meet and greet.

Tom Powell to take the place of the late Bill Evans on the Committee.

Organisation of the raffle by Brian Kitching assisted by Derek Cagill

Christmas-themed table runners bought and placed by Mike Ripley

Steve Couling to buy 100 “quality” mince pies.

Steve Couling to buy about 10 raffle prizes

5 addition people to be recruited on the day to assist Nicolas Hanbridge in the Kitchen on the day.

Coffee and mince pies served at the beginning of the event, Not at half-time.

Refreshments organised for the singer only at half-time.

Raffle drawn at the half-time interval.

Chairman to point out emergency exits in the main hall before the start of the performance.

For Christmas party on 21st December, Mike Hughes to buy cheese and organise the making/ buying of the Christmas cake. (made by Steve Barnes last year).

Notify Roy (caretaker) that piano will be required in Room 17

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