A Private Pilot’s Perspective

Today Dennis Taylor gave a talk on gaining his private pilots license. He first became interested in aircraft at the age of 11 when his elder brother (21year old) applied to become a fighter pilot at the start of WW II. He bragged about his brother to his school friends and told quite a few “tall” tales. However when his brother failed the medical he made up even taller tales about him being shot down and captured, to prevent awkward questions.

It wasn’t until the age of 50 that Dennis found the time to take up his passion. Unfortunately he discovered he had angina and had to have a heart bypass. Luckily, with regular check-ups, he found that this was not an obstacle, so started taking flying lessons at Sherbourne. He went solo in 2003 after 100 hours. He was now able to become “pilot in command” of the 4-seater Piper Warrior.

In the second part of his talk, Dennis went into some detail about the cockpit layout and described the function of the instrument shown on the slide. He showed examples of maps and talked about airways, controlled airspace and navigation. An enthusiastic audience bombarded Dennis with questions which he answered as he went through the talk.

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