Musical Theatre

Today our new chairman was on holiday, so Ken Chadwick (Speakers secretary) took the meeting. He commenced by reading out a letter from our last speaker, Trevor Moody, in which he attempted to answer some of the unanswered questions posed by the members at that time.

Michael Gill was welcomed as a new member and Kenneth Dewar attended as a guest.

Today’s talk was by John Webb on the subject of “Musical Theatre”. John had brought his keyboard and he opened his talk by playing 2 tunes from George Gershwin. John described the history and growth of musical theatre from its beginnings in Comic opera to the growth of the big America cinema musicals from Rodgers and Hammerstein. He went on to describe several humorous incidents that he had witnessed in local theatres when working with animals. The magician’s white rabbit that ran amok in the orchestra pit. And the donkey that had been out in the rain, whose back started steaming under the theatre lights when he was brought onto the stage. John was also involved in the production of a new musical written by Vince Hill called Zodiac and first performed at Yeadon Town Hall. He finished his talk by playing “Our love is here to stay” the last song composed by George Gershwin.

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