The Battle of Marston Moor

Today our talk (with slides) was by Peter Palmer on The Battle of Marston Moor. There was a good attendance for what turned out to be a very detailed and informative talk by Peter. We were informed that most of the facts about the battle were gleaned from 11 original documents. Some of these were actual diaries written at the time of the battle and give a very accurate account. Peter started with a brief history into the causes of the English Civil War and the build up to this actual battle. Basically it came down to money. Parliament were not happy about the King’s excessive spending and the King was not happy about the conditions imposed by the Parliament when he requested more money. On July 2nd 1644 the Royalist and Parliamentary forces faced each other on Marston Moor just to the west of York. After the initial attack the initiative moved from one side to the other but the Royalists were eventually routed when Cromwell and Fairfax made a flanking attack into the Royalist pikemen. Arguably, this battle would mark the beginning of the end of the Royalist cause in the Civil War.

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