Westminster Update

We started our first meeting of the New Year today, with the traditional invitation to Philip Davies MP our own Member of Parliament.

The meeting was opened by our chairman who usually begins by read out the list of apologies from members. One member said he could not attend on political grounds as he came from a long line of Durham miners. There was much laughter from the floor and Mr Davies produced an equally witty retort.

The main theme of his talk was on Crime and Punishment, but focusing mainly on the inequality of sentencing between men and women offenders. Mr Davies stated that regardless of creed, colour, race or sex everyone should receive the same level of punishment for the same crime. However statistics produced by the House of Commons library showed that this simply wasn’t true for the case of men verses women. He went on to produce some very detailed information to support this fact. Mr Davies deliberately finished his talk early to allow ample time for questions from the floor, stating that “We could throw anything at him in the verbal sense”. This was taken literally, with questions ranging from, the building of houses in Menston, referendum on the EEC, effectiveness of politicians and harsher regimes in prisons.

There was no shortage of questions and discussion and the meeting had to be brought to an abrupt end by the Chairman as we had run out of time.

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