Did I see Marilyn?

Today Allan Stuttard gave us a talk about his time doing National Service, which left us a little mystified as the title of the talk was “Did I see Marilyn?”. However he did produce two large photos of Marilyn Monroe in her famous white dress as a backdrop for the talk.

After leaving home in Todmorden and reporting to Halifax barracks he was invited on a 9000 mile “cruise” ending in several nights out guarding the border between China and Hong-Kong. He learnt many things in the Army, one of which was never to volunteer. However he succumbed to the promise of extra money and promotion and was asked what he had done in civilian life. After tell the Sergeant he had been in the textile trade he was expecting a cushy job in the stores but was sent to the Demolish Squad where he learnt to blow things up and clear mines. Around this time he and some friends managed to barter their way into a large American concert featuring top class artists. From the back of the crowd he could just make out a woman on stage in a white dress. So Allan left us with the question “Did I see Marilyn?”

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