Tax, Care and Toy Boys

Today’s meeting began with a tribute to Jack Kell who is retiring from the Forum. Jack, who is 92 and has been a member of the Forum for 27 years, was presented with an illuminated address by our vice-chairman. Jack was born in Menston and has spent all his life in the village. He has been a life long member of Menston Cricket Club and is considered the un-official historian of the village. Jack gave a short speech in reply in which he thanked the members of the Forum.

The presentation was followed by a talk from David Sweetman and Joanne Fisher entitled “Tax, Care and Toy Boys” about personal Estate Planning.

In the talk David stressed the importance of making the right sort of will in order to avoid excessive inheritance tax. He also touched on the use of trusts to save tax on inherited property. Powers of Attorney were discussed, together with Care and Funeral costs.

A very thought provoking talk and luckily David had left a large slice of time at the end for questions from the floor.

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One Response to Tax, Care and Toy Boys

  1. Monty Navias says:

    Hi Mike

    A very clear first go at your secretary duties



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