Eric Caton 1923-2013

It is with much sadness I am reporting that our President and longtime former Chairman Eric Caton passed away suddenly, at his home, on Thursday, 4th. July 2013.

We understand that, in accordance with Eric’s wishes, as he has donated his body to medical science, there will be no funeral and no memorial service.

There will be an opportunity to give a donation to Eric’s favoured charity at our AGM in September.

If you wish to leave a tribute to Eric, this can be done in the “Leave a Reply” area below this post, or by using the “Contact Us” form.
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2 Responses to Eric Caton 1923-2013

  1. Mike Ripley says:

    I first met Eric when I joined the Menston Retired Mens Forum. He was then the chairman. He definitely looked the part, for in this age of casual wear, Eric always wore a jacket and tie when he chaired the meetings. He was an excellent chairman with just the right mix of formality and humour at the meetings. He was a Lancastrian chairing a meeting of (mostly) Yorkshiremen and hardly a meeting went by without a humorous comment from the chair or from the floor. He was noted for his quizzes, especially at the Christmas party. When often the hardest part was interpreting the clues rather than solving them.
    I would like to conclude my tribute by simply describing Eric as “a gentleman of the old school”.

    Mike Ripley

    • Ken Chadwick. says:

      I echo Mike’s comments about Eric – a true gentleman. He was always ready to help in whatever way he could. I recall him as my mentor when I took over as Chairman, giving me guidance when asked. Nora has offered to hand over to me his stock of quizes, so they might serve to refresh our memory of him. Hopefully the answers will be included!

      He embodied the spirit of the Forum and in many ways, helped to bind us all together. It is a shock to realise that he is gone. He will be greatly missed.

      Ken Chadwick.

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