The excellent standard of our speakers to date this year was maintained with a talk on ” Saltaire ” by Alun Pugh.   Alun , a retired teacher, was familiar with the workers villages created at Bournville ( Cadbury ) and Port Sunlight ( Lord Leverhulme), but was not aware of the Saltaire village, now a World Heritage Site, created by Titus Salt. Then following a visit to Saltaire he became an enthusiast and used the experience during his teaching years and now continues this into talks on Titus Salt, his village and it’s history. His hour long and very interesting talk centred on how the enlightened Titus Salt created a Woollen Mill on a site close to existing rail and canal networks. . He specialised in using the wool from both the Alpaca and Angora Goat, materials favoured by Queen Victoria.  He also built a school, church, hospital and other facilities in addition to good quality housing for all his work force in a healthy environment away from the city centre. He kept a close eye on all his employees both during and outside their working hours. Slides illustrating the buildings with anecdotal asides kept another well attended session wide awake and prompted a series of questions to conclude the meeting. 
At our next meeting on April 3rd Roy Cummins will be giving a talk with the intriguing title “Manhunt” .
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