Knareborough Castle

Another very well attended meeting, including four potential new members, for an extremely informative and amusing talk on Knareborough Castle by David Hunt. David retired from his engineering position with ICI and for the past twenty years has devoted his time to the history of his native Knaresborough Castle through membership of the Knaresborough Historical Society and working as a guide for English Heritage who manage the site. His talk , accompanied by excellent slides, took us on a detailed tour of the castle highlighting points of interest with anecdotes relating both to the English monarchs and other famous people who stayed there and the layout of the building. David emphasised that there was little historical documented evidence of how the castle looked in it’s prime. but enough remains for archaeologists and historians to present a meaningful portrayal. We were taken on a journey that started in the 12th century to the time that the Parliamentarians brought the castle to ruin in 1648 .
The Forum meets again on November 21st when Geoff Queen will be speaking to us with a talk entitled “We Apologise for the delay”.

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One Response to Knareborough Castle

  1. Tim Millett says:

    I have a late 18th century silver hunting pass engraved Jn. Carter/ Knaresborough and I wondered if you knew anything of the history of these.
    It has a hunting scene on the pass.
    Best regards
    Tim Millett

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