The Channel Tunnel

Before our speaker , Graham Peacock, was introduced to present his talk on The Channel Tunnel, we were given the sad news that a much loved and respected colleague, Milton Hudson, had passed away after a long illness. Tributes to Milton covering his many interests and standing in the community were followed by a reading of one of his poems entitled “The Forum”. Then a minute’s silence in his memory
Graham Peacock had spent many years working on the Safety and Service Issues of the tunnel . With the aid of overhead projection he illustrated the mechanics and construction of the tunnel.  We were presented with all the problems encountered leading up to the eventual commissioning of the project late in 1994. There had been numerous trial runs covering the transport of cars, trains, trucks and passengers before the final go-ahead was given . With the use of projected slides ,photos which Graham had taken during his involvement with the commissioning trials, along with copies of press headlines, both praising and criticising the venture , we realised just how much time and effort had been involved in minimising the potential hazards of what was the biggest project of it’s kind undertaken in Europe.  
There followed a twenty minute question time and the announcement that at the next meeting on May 2nd, Peter Rix would give an illustrated talk on Barnes Wallis – The Dambusters.
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