The Village Butcher

On Wednesday 1st February we welcomed the return of Frank Wright who gave a humorous take on the life and times of a family butcher.

He was first introduced to the trade at 14 years old when he had a Saturday job helping the butcher father of his friend. He left school at 15 and served a 3 year apprenticeship in the local butcher’s shop. He subsequently went on to buy his own butcher’s shop in Mirfield.

Frank had many humorous stories to relate regarding the local characters who were his customers.

He was asked by the local cub mistress if could help the pack with a competition to cook the world’s longest sausage. The logistics were a nightmare but Frank managed to cook a 455ft sausage but to his disappointment only came 10th overall.

He did a little better in his next competition to make the world’ biggest beef-burger, and currently holds the British record at around 104 lbs. He says that the 6ft frying pan purpose built for the sausage competition came in quite useful for the beef-burger competition.

He retired after 32 years as the village butcher and concludes that “He loved every minute of it”.

Our next meeting on Wednesday 15th February is a slide show, “Life as a Boy Chorister”.

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