Members Christmas Party

For our Christmas Party today we were served mince pies, Christmas cake and cheese with our coffee as a treat from our usual chocolate digestives and custard creams.

It was time to pay our annual subscriptions which had been agreed by the Forum should be increased to £10.00. As usual members paid up with good grace and friendly banter.

Ken was on hand to take the deposits from members who intended to go on the April trip to the House of Commons.

Pete had devised 2 quizzes for the occasion. The members did not find them easy but the first one was won by the team comprising the Chairman and the Ex-Chairman.

For our interlude Eric (in costume) and Ken performed a humorous sketch in which God and Noah were discussing the deadline for completing the Ark. Unfortunately it could not be completed on time as Noah had problems with Planning regulations, Environment issues, Union disputes and illegal exportation of protected species. But in the end God decided not to unleash a massive flood to destroy the earth as Governments had achieved it without divine intervention.

We had time for Pete’s second quiz. This was just as hard as the first one and as a strange coincidence was won by the team comprising the Chairman and the Ex-Chairman. Editors Note: No! There’re just very clever people.

We finished the meeting with the traditional singing of carols, led by Tom, with Brian at the piano.

The Chairman thanked everyone for all their help and support throughout the year and wished everyone:

“A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year”

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