Coronavirus — Message from Chairman

Hello Everyone

Hope you are all doing OK in these difficult times – restriction measures are changing all the time, but as of today I can inform you that Menston Retired Men’s Forum will not be meeting for the foreseeable future. 

I have been speaking to Heather from Kirklands, and she informs me that for larger Groups, such as ours, restrictions are still in place for use of the Hall and Room 17.  As we were scheduled to hold our AGM this Wednesday, I have contacted all Committee members, and it has been agreed to defer the AGM until we have a clear idea of when we can meet again.  Speakers have been postponed for the rest of this year – thanks to Tim and Monty, and the accounts have been finalised for the year – thanks to Monty again.

As soon as I hear we can resume our meetings I will keep you informed, but in the meantime, you can view all about our Group on the ‘web’

If you know anyone who is struggling and needs a chat – I am always at the end of the phone to talk sport, weather and rubbish – not politics!!

Trusting you are all keeping OK and looking after each other.

Best Wishes to you all


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Coronavirus Update

As from today (Monday 16th March 2020) the meeting of the Mens Forum has been suspended until further notice.

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Protected: Minutes of 48th AGM held at Kirklands on 18 September 2019

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Protected: Minutes of 47 AGM held at Kirklands on 19 September 2018

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Windermere Trip


As on our previous trips, travel will be by Britannia Coaches, in their 49-seat Executive Air-Conditioned Coach, which has a washroom facility.

The coach will be at Kirklands by 8:30 am, to depart by 8:45 am. absolute latest.

We will travel to Lakeside, at the southern end of Windermere, before boarding a Steam Boat at 11:20 am, to arrive in Bowness at 12:00 noon. We will have free time for a meal, sightseeing &/or shopping, until 2:30 pm, when we board another Steamer, to arrive at Ambleside at 3:00 pm.

The boats are “wheelchair friendly” to a degree and mobility scooters can be transported.

On arrival at Ambleside, we will have free time, before rejoining the coach at 3:45 pm to arrive back in Menston for around 6:00 pm. If the weather is inclement, we will rejoin the coach directly from the boat.

The cost, for just the coach and the 2 boat trips only, will be £25 per person. Note that lunch is not included.

As on our previous trips, wives, partners and adult friends are welcome. Seats are on a “first come – first served” basis.

The Booking Slip should be returned TO ME, with a £5 CASH deposit per person, at our next meeting, on February21st. or as soon as possible after that.

The Balance will be due by our meeting on April 4th. latest, this time by CHEQUE, payable to Menston Retired Mens’ Forum.

Ken Chadwick.

cut _________________________________________________________cut

BOOKING SLIP – to Ken Chadwick.


Member – ……………………………………………………………………………(please print name)

        Deposit – £……………..for……………….seats.

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Water Aid

Unfortunately our original speaker had to call off at short notice due to illness. Howard Woods was able to stand in at short notice. Our talk from Howard was about the charity Water Aid.

The charity was established in July 1981 on an initiative from the water industry and now has a turnover of around £81 million. Its main areas of operation are in Africa and South East Asia.

Howard explained that the charity is only involved in the provision of clean water, control of sewage and hygiene education. It does not involve itself in such areas as provision of food, clothing and shelter. They are careful to choose the sites which would provide a lasting benefit to the local community avoiding areas with internal conflicts that could result in the good work completed today being blown up tomorrow.

We were told about the horrendous state of the drinking water and the sanitation arrangements in the “pooh fields” and the diseases associated with poor hygiene. How, if we get a tummy bug we are advised to rest and drink lots of water, but for these people in their situation doing this could be fatal. However Water Aid do not tell people what to do but instead encourage the locals to give their input and labour to the development of projects. This is particularly true of the local women who are enthusiastic supports, for it is their responsibility to walk many miles to collect and carry the cleaner drinking water.

By the end of Howard’s talk, Forum members were very appreciative of the provision of clean water and efficient sanitation that we enjoy here in Yorkshire. Howard donated his speaker fee to Water Aid and the collection from members produced a further £80.00. We were later informed that our grand total was matched by a donation from Yorkshire Water.

All in all an interesting and informative talk with a positive outcome.

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Open Meeting 6th December 2017

At the Open Meeting an invitation is extended to wives and partners of members and former members. The members worked in the kitchen providing coffee and mince-pies for our guests. The highlight of the morning was the performance by local group “Hurricane Blue”, with renditions of Chuck Berry, Billy Fury and Christmas songs. A morning much appreciated by members and guests alike.

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Protected: Minutes of 46 AGM — 20 September 2017

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Minutes of Committee Meeting 5th April 2017

Committee Meeting

held on 5th April 2017

in Room 17 at Kirklands Community Centre

Attending:- Mike Hughes, Ken Chadwick, Monty Navias, Steve Couling, Bryan Kitching, Tim Allen, Nicolas Hanbidge, Mike Ripley

Replacement of Speaker Secretary

Ken Chadwick has already done 2 extra years, over and above his normal 3 year tenure, as Speaker Secretary and wishes to relinquish the job at the end of this year.

Mike Hughes has appealed to the membership of the Forum on several occasions with regard to someone filling this important role, but no-one has come forward.

So with the possibility of the Forum folding at the end of the year, Mike Hughes in desperation asked the committee for ideas. Monty Navias and Tim Allen agreed to share the role of Speaker Secretary whilst retaining there existing roles of Treasurer and Registrar respectively. Their new role will begin at the start of next year.

Meeting Closed

Corrections 7/4/2017 – Ken Chadwick has done two full terms of 3 years and the new Speaker Secretaries’ term/s will start from the AGM. This is to enable them to have a programme in place by the start of the New Year.

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Legends of the Brass Band World

Today our talk was entitled “Legends of the Brass Band World” by Chris Helme. Chris currently hosts a program dedicated to Brass band music on PhoenixFM community radio.He has been involved with the brass-band world for more than fifty years, and his talk today draws upon that experience to present a fascinating insight into some of the foremost figures in both their own banding area and the national scene. With slides and narrative about the bandsmen and women themselves, as well as their families, friends and banding colleagues, he celebrates their triumph and sadness, local life and band life, community success and even national recognition. The presentation brought back many happy memories for the members attending. A detailed record of life in the mill towns as it once was, and a triumphant celebration of a community that lives on into the twenty-first century.

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